Deadwood Winter Recreation

Deadwood Winter Blitz

Making the most when opportunity knocks

We can’t control the weather, that’s a given. But we can control how to seize an opportunity for clients when Mother Nature’s been busy.

Excellent winter conditions in the Black Hills created the perfect opportunity for L&S and our partner, Historic Deadwood, to entice people to head for the hills to enjoy outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling.

There was just one catch: Snow melts, and our team needed to strike while the powder was fresh.

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no two campaigns are exactly the same. The unique business challenges every client faces require a tailored solution. For the Deadwood Winter Blitz that meant pairing the best snow in years with the fun of Deadwood—before the spring thaw.

Working with the Deadwood CVB, the L&S tourism team quickly went to work to enhance the current winter campaign to include partners, special deals and more urgency to get out and enjoy the snow, and of course, the gaming halls and casinos of Deadwood.

A full page newspaper advertorial, banner ads and a winter cable television spot all touted the best snow conditions in years. 

Winter Recreation Ad

Opportunity decides when it’s going to knock – it doesn’t call ahead to let you know it’s coming. Is your marketing team ready for the challenge (and reward) of an assignment you didn’t see coming? Whether you work with an advertising agency or in-house staff, here are three qualities your team needs to possess to effectively respond to unexpected opportunities.

  1. Business knowledge and industry expertise.
  2. There won’t be time for our team to get up to speed. They need to come in knowing which business metrics matter most, what motivates the target audience and how best to reach consumers.

  3. Flexibility.
  4. There will be late nights. Schedules will get shuffled. That’s all part of the adventure. Reluctance to adjust will lead to a missed deadline and lost opportunity.

  5. Passion.
  6. Your team needs to care as much as you about the company’s success. They need to sweat the details and be willing to pour themselves into creating a campaign they’re proud to claim as their own. 

Long-range plans are important but like weather forecasts, they’re subject to change. What’s needed is the ability to adapt come rain or shine – or snow – and help turn unforeseen events into opportunities. 

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