Deadwood: Where Old West Meets New Luxury

Deadwood: Where Old West Meets New Luxury

Deadwood, SD, has earned its historic reputation as the land where outlaws, gamblers and gunslingers have reigned since the 1880s. And since then, millions of visitors have come to witness the Wild West at its finest.

But, in the midst of its legendary shootouts, Deadwood has also evolved to offer the modern amenities visitors love with the comfortable conveniences for the perfect getaway. Although visitors know the historic Deadwood, few know this modern story.

To share how Deadwood has changed over the past few years, the Deadwood Chamber & Visitors Bureau approached Lawrence & Schiller about learning why today’s visitors come to the Black Hills town. We wanted to identify travelers’ motivations for taking a trip to Deadwood and evolve their ideas of it being about more than Wild Bill.

We sent our Consumer Insights team to Deadwood last summer to talk to more than 150 visitors as they were visiting the Old West gaming town. We heard that the community’s historic roots created an atmosphere that made people curious to see the West for themselves. We also heard that Deadwood gives travelers plenty of historic places that have substance and meaning, while still keeping the environment casual and fun for everyone.New Deadwood

Deadwood has upped its game.

Using this insight to develop new messaging, the creative showcases fresh, modern and meaningful Deadwood experiences, while still paying homage to Deadwood’s historic, rough and tumble roots. Deadwood now invites visitors to come see what’s new – to come up their game.

After watching the shootouts on Historic Main Street and trying their luck at the casinos, visitors can also enjoy upscale dining, new accommodations and day spas all in Deadwood.

The campaign kicked off on April 14 with new TV commercials, radio ads, a newspaper insert, pre-roll ads, display banners and other digital elements.

In the summer, Deadwood will bring its show on the road, inviting even more visitors to experience the new—and historic—Deadwood.

Deadwood has upped its game. Have you?

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