Cultivation of the Mind

As I progress into the final couple weeks of my internship at Lawrence & Schiller, it is hard to believe how much I have grown and learned over the course of three months. Not only have I been exposed to more information about the marketing industry than I ever imagined, but I also understand what it truly takes to be a part of the L&S team.

The L&S culture fosters individual thought and creativity through collaborative teamwork. This culture fills the agency, and it is what creates, heightens and sustains employee enthusiasm. It is the work horse that challenges the agency to push through any and all limitations and ask questions about the unknown. It is the hand that guides open-minded thoughts and directs behavior that challenges every team member to go the extra mile for both clients and employees.

L&S employees make thousands of decisions every day, and this culture is our guide. I gained a firm understanding of this mentality when I noticed the amount of people staying until six or seven at night to finish client work. The lights would shut off throughout the building, but everyone’s monitors were still aglow. Getting the job done before going home isn’t a hassle or a chore; it’s what you do when you develop the 5280 mentality.

Culture tells us what to do when the CEO is not in the room, facilitating better company performance and individual confidence. At L&S, it’s the difference between a cooperative, creative team and just a bunch of individuals that see themselves as separate from each other. I experienced a supportive team firsthand that offers help to one another to create the best possible products for our clients, without the desire or expectation of receiving individual credit. It’s the simple “what can I do to help?” email that we receive from a co-worker who has a half-hour of free time. It’s the helpful mentors who ask, “what else would you like to learn this summer?”

If I have learned anything at this point in my internship, it’s that culture is a collective experience that has impact on our reactions and decision-making. Great ideas do not appear from thin air. They take time, research and talented people all working together to not only meet the clients’ expectations but exceed them. L&S’s culture-driven attitude instills and fosters growth in every person within the agency. In the current roles we fulfill, it challenges us and makes us strive to achieve a mutual goal of exceeding expectations for ourselves, our company, our clients and the industry as a whole.

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