Content that Connects: Lessons from W+K

Content that Connects: Lessons from W+K

Content is important. Without it, I’d be out of a job. Thanks to Wieden + Kennedy, I learned a few ways to not only keep that job, but do it better.

W+K’s Global Executive Creative Director Colleen DeCourcy spoke at the Mirren Live Conference last week about fostering a culture of creativity, innovation and growth. And while there are a lot of things agencies should and need to do to stay relevant, generating meaningful content is perhaps the most pressing.

As I’m writing this blog, I’m checking my phone for texts, emails and social updates. I keep my shopping list, medical info and photos on it. And each night before bed, I check in on my nine-month-old daughter in her crib from my Nest app.

Phones aren’t just a way of life – they are life. And creating compelling, shareable content for those phones is what brands must master to stay connected.

Colleen shared a few tips and mindset shifts to create this content in an unforgettable way:

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