Facebook Bluetooth Beacons

Boosting Social Media Engagement with Facebook Bluetooth® Beacons

It all started with a Facebook notification. A notification that a page we manage was one of the first few businesses selected for exclusive early access to the Facebook Bluetooth® Beacon program. Some may have second guessed this notification. “Is this real?” “What’s a beacon?” “This is totally spam and will jeopardize my customer's privacy.”

Facebook Beacom

Not us. We gladly accepted. Knowing Facebook was beta testing its new beacon with businesses delivering high engagement rates, we were ecstatic!

Facebook Bluetooth® Beacons helps people see more information about the business whenever they open Facebook during their visit. Facebook users will see:

The beacon is small, free and gives businesses a way to engage with customers they may have never reached before. When customers are within 500 feet, the Facebook Bluetooth® Beacon will display a message at the top of customers’ newsfeeds, prompting them to learn more about the business. Once customers interact with the message, they’re served a page that encourages engagement. This first glance view also gives the business a chance to customize messaging with a deal, promo or sale. How cool is that?

Another plus: Facebook has assured businesses the beacon is a one-way signal that does not collect any customer information.

Bottom line, if Facebook invites you to join beta testing, do it!

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