Asking the Right Questions

Asking the Right Questions

Clients often come to us because they have a question. Questions come from problems. And we like solving problems.

We believe in using advertising to help our clients achieve their goals – not our own. Through years of research and experience in the QSR industry, we’ve developed methods to grow sales and transactions and maintain a strong brand image.

We know that limited time offers – new, unique menu items that are only available to guests for a planned period – are commonly used to get customers through the door. So how do you get more people to try them?

We recently conducted a Google survey of Millennial diners to learn about their thoughts and feelings toward LTOs. Here’s what we found:

1. The majority of guests are not likely to try new menu items, with 53% indicating they rarely or never do so. In order for guests to try new items, recommendations from friends and family are the most influential.

How to use it: In order to get more guests to branch out, encourage those who are already willing to try new items to share their thoughts and experiences online. BOGO coupons could be shared with a friend, resulting in two people trying the item, sharing the experience and hopefully influencing others in their circles.

2. Men are nearly three times more likely to try a new menu item compared to women.

How to use it: When offering new menu items that are more of a departure from traditional restaurant fare, target men, as they’re more willing to branch out. This may also indicate women are more selective; therefore, new menu items specifically targeting this group should be thoroughly tested before launch.

3. While typically those who eat out most often for lunch and dinner are willing to spend $5 - $8, for breakfast, most expect to spend less than $5.

How to use it: While breakfast diners still expect a full meal, their willingness to spend less for more food indicates these guests are more concerned with the value of their meal than other factors.

We use findings like these – specifically tailored to each client and each campaign – to help our clients achieve their goals. And all it takes is one look at Taco John’s® LTO sales numbers to know that our research team has a habit of knocking it out of the park.

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