This August, I made a switch from working primarily with Team Wizards to focusing on new business and agency promotion. In the past month you could find me designing industry-specific landing pages, illustrating infographics, filming staff behind the scenes, working on social media content, working on various promotional materials for upcoming agency events and doing a whole bunch of other stuff. The other day, I was asked a question that might seem to have a simple answer.

What is my normal week like?

It’s a tough question. Because I don’t know if I really have a typical week. But I can give you an idea.

Over the last year I have taken on responsibilities that have pushed me to become the unofficial agency photographer. There are other photographers and videographers in the agency, but I am tasked with documenting our agency’s culture and our work. At the beginning of the week I documented different consumer intercepts sessions for Taco Johns and the South Dakota Lottery. Later in the week I documented a Taco John’s food photography shoot in our production center, set up by members of team Wizards.

Consumer Insights at Lawrence & Schiller
Taco John's Food Shoot

We’ve been going through the effort to document our staff with consistent photos. Our enthusiastic staff makes taking great headshots pretty easy.

Staff Photos are L&S

I went to Washington High School to speak to students about the advertising industry as a whole. I spoke about my work as a graphic designer for Lawrence and Schiller and the steps I took to get my job with the agency.

Speaking at Washington

The majority of my work is for new business and agency promotion, but I'm excited that I get to help with some Taco John’s digital work on occasion. I’ll usually get to help with photo/video projects a few days per week.

Taco John's Social Media

I am currently creating video case studies for the agency. These case studies are strong tools to justify our experience in the industries we work in and to demonstrate the results we can provide.

Lawrence and Schiller Case Studies

On Thursday October 22, 2015, Marty McFly came to the future. As a Back To the Future fan, I embraced my inner Michael J. Fox — bearing a pink skateboard, white Nike high tops, walkman headphones and his signature orange vest.

This typography is for a personal project, but I’ve been experimenting with hand-rendered typography. I get tired of downloading textures, and I like the process of creating my own.


Week to week my assignments change between mediums, projects, and even skill sets. This variety has pushed me to become quite versatile. As creatives, we should be ambitious and learn to bring our ideas to life in as many ways as we can — and this new position has given me opportunities to do just that. It’s encouraging to look forward to next week with the expectation that I’ll get to help myself become a stronger creative.

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