A Letter to My Past Self

Dear Pre-Ad Camp Anshu,

How are you? Are you working hard? Are you stressing a lot? Good. Don’t stop working for a moment, as it will all be worth it in a short while.

Do you remember first hearing about Lawrence & Schiller during your sophomore year of high school? You imagined working with some of the most educated professionals and talented people in the marketing and advertising field. Well, you’re in luck because – SPOILER ALERT – you got the internship. Now I know that even though you’re on cloud nine, the thought of not being “good enough” for the position is racing through your head. You can stop stressing – you’re in good hands. In the few weeks I’ve been here, I have learned so much more than we have been imagining throughout the past few years. You will walk in with clear goals to achieve by the end of each day and will walk out having accomplished them while wondering where the time went. As you will find out for yourself soon enough, time here seems to move at a much faster rate, and full days seem to pass so quickly that it’ll make you question whether all the clocks are off.

You know what they say: time flies when you’re having fun. And that’s exactly what I’m experiencing. FUN. It’s a side effect of being immersed in a fast-paced work environment with a friendly culture. In fact, it makes me wonder if I actually did any “work” some days because of how much I have enjoyed learning and contributing on real projects for real clients with coworkers that treat you as a colleague, not an intern. Being treated like an actual colleague means that you are going to be responsible for working just as hard and just as long as anyone else.

You have heard it before and you will hear it again: “5279 just won’t cut it here.” But I can assure you that you will rise to the challenge. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, share ideas and take every opportunity to learn something new, every hour of every day. Working here has solidified my passion and my desire to work in marketing, and made me hopeful for what the future holds for me in the field. You are going to love it here. Take it from me.


Present Ad Camp Anshu

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