A Dan Fine Adman

It has been said many times that good admen and adwomen possess a little bit of knowledge about a lot of subjects. Part of what makes Dan Edmonds a great adman is that, in his case, the old adage is expanded to having deep knowledge about many topics.

You know how it goes. You’re engaging in pleasant small talk with someone searching for a common topic of interest. Once you find it, you quickly learn whether you go as deep as your counterpart in this area. Dan and I connect on many interests but the conversation always ends in the same place. He leaves me in awe of the details he carries in that beautifully-shaped head of his.

Cars. Designers. Cigars. Big ad shops. Scotch. Film and TV genres. Guns. Technology. And on and on.

Dan is the epitome of a lifelong learner. To the point where this passionate and relentless student must now be recognized as the professor. If you talk to those he has mentored, the title is well deserved.

Dan is also the consummate advertising professional. In over 25 years of working together I have NEVER seen him come up empty on a creative assignment. After the briefing, we all go into our caves to brainstorm. When we regroup to compare concepts, Dan has several unique, on-target, impactful options EVERY time. We all know we better bring our “A” work to the party if we want it to hold up with Dan’s.

A final attribute makes Dan more than a great adman. It makes him a great person and a great friend. Somehow while being the consummate, driven professional he is, Dan brings the fun. A playful challenge. A smile. A witty observation to break the tension.

You are a Dan fine adman, Mr. Edmonds.

Thanks for what you do.

Congratulations on being honored with the South Dakota Advertising Federation Creative Legacy Award. You just raised the bar for anybody hoping to join your club. Dan you!

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