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5 Reasons Consumer Insights should be part of your marketing plan

A marketing plan is like your road map, showing a path from where you are to where you’re going. Without directions, you can go anywhere…but who knows if you’ll wind up where you want to be. That’s why research is so important. Consumer insights are like the directions you’re given, guiding you in the most efficient, effective way possible.

At Lawrence & Schiller, research directs great creative and strategy. That means using a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods to find what makes consumers tick, including surveys, focus groups, web usability studies, intercepts and more. Everything we do is designed to provide directions for your marketing road map.

Here’s five reasons Consumer Insights should be a part of your marketing plan.

1. Competitive Analysis
We use enterprise research solutions to help widen our ability to monitor your competitors. There are several great databases out there, like Kantar Media, that we use to track competitive spending and ads that appear in larger local markets. We can gather data on competitive insights and strategies via eMarketer. L&S also offers Landscape 360 presentations that give an in-depth look at what’s happening in your business environment and how it can impact the bigger picture.
2. Consumer Voice
Successful marketing campaigns start with knowing your customers. We work collaboratively with you to understand your audience’s motivation for choosing specific products or services. One way to gauge consumer perceptions is through in-person intercepts, which we’ve used to help shape creative strategy for many of our clients including HuHot Mongolian Grill, Lewis Drug and Deadwood. L&S also utilizes social media monitoring, product testing, creative testing and focus groups to gather information from consumers. By adding these insights to our creative process, we are able to craft messages that truly resonate with consumers.

3. Creating Context with Trends
Campaigns with relevance to hot-button issues and industry trends can have an even greater impact. Research helps you track these trends and decide which could have context for your campaigns and goals. For example, to drive awareness of the quality of life in South Dakota, L&S and the South Dakota Governor’s Office Economic Development used a trending topic (people signing up to live on Mars) to our advantage with the “Why live on Mars when you can live in South Dakota?” campaign.

4. Campaign Effectiveness Reporting
Research helps you get smarter with each campaign. We measure effectiveness by digging into ROI, conversion rates and investigating the “why” behind each number. “Why did this ad preform better than the others? Was it placement? Was it the copy or the imagery? How can we improve?” Answering questions like these continually optimizes campaigns for the best possible results. Additionally, custom Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) reports turn mountains of data into informative, actionable tools to optimize media placement and help you decide how much to invest to reach sales goals.

5. National Research Resources
Collaboration allows us to extend our services and give you the best research findings. In searching for the right solution for each client or marketing challenge, we seek out partners who can bring a new approach, lend their field experience and help us gather actionable insights. We’ve worked with a variety of partners including Nielsen, Firefly Millward Brown and Technomic to create custom research for large regional clients, which directly impacted strategy and campaign effectiveness.

This is just the beginning of the benefits Consumer Insights can have for your business. Want to see market research results? Click here to view client case studies.

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