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Four Things Not to Expect as an L&S Intern

I’ve already learned my fair share of marketing lessons in my time at Lawrence & Schiller, and I’ve only been here a month.

It all started on my first day, where within minutes of being inside the orange walls of the agency, I was taught the importance of never leaving the coffee pot empty. (While coffee is the lifeblood of the agency, it’s not the task of interns to fill it up. That responsibility falls on whoever empties it.)

I was very unsure of what to expect on my first day, and honestly I don’t really know what to expect on any day in this agency. However, based on my acquired knowledge I can tell you a few things you should NOT expect as an L&S intern:

1. Do NOT expect to spend your days fetching coffee or being a fly on the wall in meetings.

When I started my internship over a month ago, I quickly realized that I’d have the chance to be hands on with a wide array of projects. I didn’t quite know what I would be doing as a digital intern, but so far I’ve worked on website building, email marketing, social media monitoring and much more. Do expect to speak up in meetings and brainstorming sessions, to learn a lot and to step outside of your comfort zone.

2. Do NOT expect a boring, stuffy office with endless cubicles.

L&S is anything but boring. You will see college banners, bobble heads and sometimes even the occasional pet around the office. L&S also took the typical cubicle layout and added a new spin to it. Instead, you will see open pods as far as the eye can see. Also, few office walls and doors in L&S touch the ceiling. Expect to partake in open communication with your team members—even if that means conversations across the building.

3. Do NOT expect to walk in and know everything.

I think this is truly the best part of an L&S internship. Whether you’ve taken all your marketing classes or even if you have your degree, you will more than likely walk in and have a ton of questions. Luckily for me, every L&S staff member that I have worked with has encouraged me to be curious and to ask for help when needed. Do expect to ask questions and to learn from the people around you, because at one point they were just like you.

4. Do NOT expect to do “just enough.”

This is not only a good motto for life, but also a critical thing to remember at L&S. I learned right away that doing just enough is not enough. Always expect to go the Extra Mile so that you’re doing your very best work, and clients are receiving the best product and results.

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