Lawrence & Schiller offers public relations, guerrilla marketing and disruptive marketing strategies.

Public Relations & Disruptive Marketing

Unexpected tactics lead to unmatched results. The L&S PR team has worked with clients in industries ranging from tourism and foodservice to banking and communications to support paid dollars with earned media coverage that gets brands noticed.

Guerilla & Non-traditional Marketing

The most memorable marketing campaigns aren’t always on TV or online. Sometimes, they’re on the street, incorporating grassroots efforts and one-on-one outreach. L&S can help with lead-generating contests, road tours, non-traditional tactics and street teams to blitz select markets and audiences.

Public Relations

Every great creative idea should be backed by an equally great PR plan. L&S works to develop messaging around marketing initiatives, product launches and more for earned media coverage. We can help support in-house PR resources or facilitate everything including multimedia press releases, media outreach, internal communications and crisis planning.

Event Planning & Orchestration

We can help facilitate big brand events including press conferences, kick-off events, webinars, rallies, press tours and presentations. We also provide event support and event speakers to conferences and conventions nationwide.

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