Lawrence & Schiller offers media planning, strategy and placement.

Media Strategy & Placement

At L&S, it’s not just about impressions – it’s about actions. Our media team builds each plan around actionable goals to demonstrate ROI and ensure a seamless path from idea to execution to performance. 

The Right Audience

We pinpoint the right audience based on behaviors, media habits and other psychographics. Dynamic ad placement can ensure each message is right for each individual.

The Right Place & Time

Target audience data and strategic insights are incorporated with geography, media mix, competitive landscape and seasonality to create a plan that reaches your audience in the right stages of the purchase funnel. 

The Right Resources

L&S invests in technology, resources and partners to plan and buy media including Rentrak, STRATA, eMarketer, GfK MRI and Moz. In addition, our team of media strategists and specialists is one of the largest in the region, collaborating with creative, digital and consumer insights to stay up-to-date on media opportunities and trends.

Real Results

We report on every campaign, measuring and optimizing to ensure goals are exceeded. We pair campaign numbers with measurable outcome data for a real look at effectiveness using Business Intelligence to track KPIs and conversions in real time.

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