Candidates, Non-Profits and PSAs

From statewide offices to local elections, campaigns are not for the faint of heart.

Polling. Message development. Media strategy. The list is never ending which is why campaigns need a marketing agency with a track record of winning on election night.

Non-profit organizations are also in the business of convincing supporters to get behind their cause. Communicating how an organization is impacting a community is vital to their success.


Case Study

Feeding South Dakota

Toyota is giving away 100 new vehicles through its "Cars for Good" campaign. Feeding South Dakota is in the running but what will it take to win? How can it best tell its story and convince Facebook voters?

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Case Study

Underage Drinking Campaign

Getting the attention of young adults is no easy task. See how Lawrence & Schiller made them think twice about how underage drinking could mark them for life.

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Creative Samples

Blog Posts

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L&S Unscripted Tracy Saathoff | Director of Consumer Insights


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