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Lands Health: Tracking Exact ROI


Lands Health is a South Dakota-based health insurance provider that offers low-premium indemnity health plans and individual health insurance. As the company was launching, they had to determine cost effective lead sources on which to base their operational and marketing budgets. Any ineffective lead sources had to be quashed or adjusted quickly to keep costs under control. Lands Health and L&S needed to track marketing return on investment (ROI) down to the penny, and in real time.


"Health insurance" keyword phrases are highly competitive. The challenge is generating enough lead volume while keeping cost per click in line. 


Using paid search engine marketing (SEM) as a significant lead generation source, systems were put in place that allowed for the tracking of online cost per lead. Through this tracking, not only could the leads be traced back to the source at any time, they could also be followed through to a final sale. Costs were monitored daily to quickly weed out overpriced and under-performing keywords. In order to garner the best results once visitors arrived on the site, revisions were made to landing pages based on analytics. A/B testing was also performed to test various on-page elements and the effect they had on conversion rates.


Lands Health and L&S could see daily and weekly snapshots of campaign performance and make on-the-fly changes or improvements. This provided valuable information on the cost-effectiveness of particular SEM vendors, as well as how long leads from each of these vendors took to convert to sales. Because phone call leads were tracked in a similar manner, performance differences between phone and online leads were immediately apparent, and marketing decisions could be made quickly and appropriately.


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